Supporting Our Tenants

Avalon provides a range of support programs to help tenants move beyond homelessness and enhance their quality of life. In addition to direct one-on-one services for tenants, we offer programs designed to keep our tenants healthy and moving forward. These activities take place at Community Centers located at 5 different Avalon properties include: case management, food assistance, youth programs, and tenant employment.

Case Management

Our services teams consist of case managers who provide advocacy, referral, and direct supports to tenants in wide variety of areas designed to help them maintain stability.

These may include:

    • Helping tenants get to rehab
    • Managing medications
    • Addressing parenting concerns
    • Assistance for health concerns
    • Operating a 24/7 crisis response line


Food Assistance

Avalon Food Pantry at Arbordale Apartments

Avalon Food Pantry at Arbordale Apartments

Avalon tenants have weekly access to Food Pantries – located at three of our properties – to help households increase food security and make sure everyone’s basic needs are met. Our Edible Avalon community gardening program makes fresh organic produce available to tenants at 13 Avalon properties. All our food assistance is made possible by our wonderful friends at Food Gatherers!

Youth Programs

Avalon Housing Summer Youth Program Field Trip to Farm

Avalon Housing Summer Youth Program Field Trip to Farm

Investing in the children living in Avalon Housing is one of the most important things we can do to end the cycle of homelessness. We offer after-school programs, tutoring programs, school advocacy, mentoring, and youth leadership programs that support the healthy social, academic, and emotional development of our youth – from pre-school through high school.