How You Can Help

Taking Action Together

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Each one of us can help our neighbors in Washtenaw County connect with safe, affordable housing and the support they need to thrive in their homes. 


Advocate for affordable housing by attending City Council and Planning Commission meetings to speak in support of proposed affordable housing developments in the City of Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County. Sign up for the Washtenaw Housing Alliance’s news and advocacy alerts and sign up for Avalon’s quarterly newsletter.


Vote in favor of affordable housing and human-service related millages (like Proposal C, the City of Arbor affordable housing millage passed in 2020). Weigh in on municipal funding priorities.


Donate to help organizations like Avalon Housing continue to provide services that help keep vulnerable people in their homes.


Dispel myths, like the inaccurate “Some people just choose to be homeless.” Encourage people to get educated, so they understand that homelessness is due to a lack of affordable housing, and to poverty and racism. Learn more about housing and homelessness at Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness and National Alliance to End Homelessness

How You Can Help

Avalon Housing’s services are supported by our partners and funded entirely by our community. Learn more about how you can volunteer or give today.

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