Our Board

Photo of Ashley Blake, Avalon Board of Trustees member

Ashley Blake
Director, Solutions Management, Enterprise Community Partners

I believe that housing is a human right, and I believe in Avalon’s mission to make that a reality for our family, friends and neighbors.

Gary Bruder

Gary Bruder
Attorney, Bruder PLC

I joined Avalon’s Board to serve those in need and to make our community a more just and welcoming place to live.

Cryss Campbell

Crystal Campbell
Vice President
Public Information Officer, Washtenaw County

Avalon is doing important work. As a Board member, I want to learn more about that work and about how I can help the organization continue to create equitable systems for the some of the most vulnerable folks in our area.

Photo of Greg Copp, Avalon Board of Trustees member

Greg Copp
Vice President, Development and Construction, MAVD

I’m serving on Avalon’s board because I’m thankful to be asked to work with and learn from such a dedicated and passionate staff with an outstanding reputation in their field.

Jim Grosh

Leroy Davis
Avalon Community Member

I see this opportunity to sit on Avalon’s board as a way to not only to support and help the community served by Avalon Housing but to also  learn more about how non-profits work and how they are governed.

Ryan Henyard

Ryan Henyard
Director, Faculty and Education Initiatives, Association of American Medical Colleges

Avalon is an organization that has a long history of providing safety and security for vulnerable neighbors. I love having an opportunity to contribute to this worthy work.

Barbara Kressler

Barbara Kessler
Mediator, Kessler Mullkoff and Hooberman, Retired

I serve on Avalon’s board because its mission aligns with my personal values. Our impact on members of the Avalon community is often life-changing, and it spreads beyond us to transform our greater community.

Jeremy Lapedis

Jeremy Lapedis
Executive Director, Washtenaw Health Plan

I serve on Avalon’s Board because there is no greater feeling than to have a home where you feel safe and secure. Avalon’s mission is to provide that home for its tenants, along with an approach of radical hope.

Alex Thomas

Alex Thomas
Advisor, New West Willow Neighborhood Association; Community Organizer

I’m grateful for how Avalon impacted my life while a tenant. I love and respect the organization and its mission, and I feel compelled to conribute.

Kelly Moore

Kelly Moore
Avalon Community Member

I chose to get on the Board of Trustees to contribute and serve Avalon Housing and its mission. To help mine and other tenants’ voices be heard and issues resolved. To be a voice of reason and be a trustworthy individual that tenants can come to in a time of need.

Al Newman

Allan Newman
Community Volunteer

I serve on Avalon’s Board because I’m passionate about Avalon’s mission and feel honored to be able to help.

Linda Rexler

Linda Rexer
Executive Director, Michigan State Bar Foundation, Retired

I serve on Avalon’s Board because of Avalon’s client-centered culture. The supportive services model helps vulnerable individuals and families overcome obstacles, stay in their homes long term, build healthy lives, seek education, work and contribute their talents to benefit the whole community.


How You Can Help

Avalon Housing’s services are supported by our partners and funded entirely by our community. Learn more about how you can volunteer or give today.

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