Our Approach

We Create Homes for Good

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Since 1992, ​​Avalon Housing has been Washtenaw County’s leading provider of affordable, long-term housing with built-in care and support for our neighbors who need it.

This approach, known as supportive housing, is widely considered the best long-term solution to homelessness. Supportive housing prioritizes the health and well-being of every tenant by providing resources to help them stay—and thrive—in their homes.

We Put Housing First

Avalon Housing believes that the most essential need for people and families experiencing homelessness is immediate, safe and permanent housing. From there, we can meet all other challenges together.

As a nonprofit property manager, we serve 800 people living in healthy, safe and inclusive homes. We also partner with private landlords and the Ann Arbor Housing Commission. Learn more about Avalon Housing’s homes.

As a non-profit real estate developer, we prioritize long-term affordability, financing Avalon Housing projects through Low Income Housing Tax Credits, federal grants and rent subsidies.

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We Offer Support

Our team’s number one goal is to help people and families stay in their homes. We do this by building positive relationships both inside our properties and across Washtenaw County.

Through the support of donors and community partners, Avalon Housing tenants and clients can choose from a wide range of one-on-one supportive services.

  • Case management: assessment, goal setting and action plans
  • Access to our 24/7 on-call crisis response
  • Assistance with basic needs and with maintaining a safe and healthy household
  • Advocacy and support with health care, substance abuse and mental health systems
  • In-home primary medical care
  • Medication management and transportation to critical appointments
  • Support and advocacy around parenting and child welfare issues
  • Financial advice and eviction prevention plans for at-risk tenants

We Build Community Together

Avalon Housing’s inclusive communities reduce isolation, increase involvement and foster hope. Through our resource centers and programs, our tenants and clients are making connections that improve their quality of life and create new possibilities for all of Washtenaw County.


Community Resource Centers

Avalon Housing operates community centers that offer tenants access to computers, copiers, laundry, workshops, support groups, meals and celebrations.


Food Pantries

We operate weekly food pantries, where tenants, volunteers and staff come together to distribute food at our community centers.


Community Gardens

Alongside our tenants and staff, community volunteers create low-maintenance gardens with native plants that beautify our properties and attract birds, bees and butterflies.

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VOCAL (Voices of Community Advocates and Leaders)

VOCAL helps Avalon Housing tenants develop leadership and community-building skills, including outreach, advocacy, event planning and storytelling. Participants can go on to hold leadership positions within Avalon Housing or other organizations.

How You Can Help

Avalon Housing’s services are supported by our partners and funded entirely by our community. Learn more about how you can volunteer or give today.

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