Meet Leroy Davis, Avalon’s Newest Board Member

Jun 12, 2024 | BLOG

What’s up y’all, my name is Leroy Davis. 

I’m a New Yorker forever (at heart). While there since at least 10 years old, I’ve always been a part of helping the community or school or many things of that nature. So (being on the Avalon) board was almost destiny-like, as loving to be a part of something bigger than myself, “for the people,” has always been a passion. 

I moved to Ann Arbor in 2016, originally because I had a brother out here who begged me for years. I was homeless off and on in 2018, and that’s when I first heard about Avalon from an acquaintance, though she was under the impression that Avalon was a shelter. 

I became a part of Avalon when I moved into the newly built Hickory Way apartments at the end of November 2021. After a short time as a resident I quickly (and naturally) joined V.O.C.A.L. (Voices of Community Advocates and Leaders).

By the summer of 2023, at the Annual Summer Tenant BBQ, then-Executive Director Aubrey told me I was the newest board member, beating out a few other great and qualified candidates. (That was pretty exciting). 

I officially started my time on the board in January 2024. I’m most looking forward to learning as much as I can my first year on the board. Though I’m qualified for the position, I see this first year on the board as a learning experience, as I feel there is so much to understand and process before I personally feel like I have enough knowledge to meaningfully contribute or “go forth and be great” if you will.

I’m currently on SSI and do not work. I am seeking employment within my means. Someday I shall be officially working in the social work field in some capacity, ideally at Avalon Housing. 

I love to watch Anime when I’m not reflecting about my day or week and taking stock in how I could have been better, if need be, as well as things I enjoyed about it. 

I sing and rap aloud while dancing in public (you may have seen me or maybe will while driving down the road some day). Cooking is my absolute favorite thing and someday I will have a food truck where I’m able to give back to people who could use a hand (my own personal life mission).

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