Jude Walton, 1972-2023


On Thursday, April 13 Jude Walton, our beloved Avalon colleague, died. She was Avalon’s Director of Employee Experience for the past 14 years. Jude was incredibly thoughtful, kind, funny, talented, smart, self-effacing, and wise. She was the person we all came to in the hardest moments at work.

Our Avalon Housing community and the greater Ann Arbor community will never be the same following the loss of Jude. She was creative and brilliant — a trusted, beloved friend to so many. As a community, Avalon remains focused on grieving and on honoring Jude’s legacy.

Jude’s commitment to social justice continues to this day. Avalon is deeply grateful and touched that Jude’s family has requested that anyone seeking to make donations in her honor do so by donating to Avalon Housing in her memory.

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